Group Bookings

We’ve been throwing some great parties at Best of Seven for years now. If you’re interested in a Stag, Customer Appreciation Event, Sunday Shaves and Football, Birthdays, Weddings or what have you, we can make it all happen.

How it works:

We will schedule a private opening of the shop for your party. We can arrange catering of food and alcohol at cost.

One thing to bear in mind when considering dates and times– it is more cost effective to schedule an event during hours when the shop isn’t otherwise open. That way we don’t have to offset for lost revenue.

So, please answer the few questions below and Geoff or Sammie will call you back same-day to confirm price and availability!

What we need to know:

  • Date Requested:
  • Time of Day:
  • Any Deadlines (Time you must be finished?)
  • Number of guests:
  • Would the shop ordinarily be open for business? Y/N
  • Do you want catered food?
  • Do you want wine, beer or spirits

Services Requested:

  • Hot Towel Shaves – 40 Min
  • Haircuts – 20 Min
  • Shoeshine’s – 5 minutes
  • Relaxing Shampoo & Conditioning