Empire Society

The Empire Society is a private barbering experience unequalled in Canada.

Performed in the Empire Room, in a 115-year-old chair, members are transported back to 1929, a time where personal services were at their zenith. The antiques are all real, down to the King George V coronation postcard.

We offer this experience in three ways:

Individual Memberships

Members to the Empire Society receive a permanent 15% discount on all retail products in the store. In addition, there is an enhanced beverage service and Best of Seven waives the shop rental fees for private events. Members also receive a 15% discount on the personal style services of Ensemble Calgary (see them under ‘Partners)

Corporate Memberships:

For select Calgary companies we offer a corporate membership as a reward and recognition tool. We give access to our booking software so that grateful staff can be booked in the Empire Room directly. It’s a very cost effective way to deliver a refined, relaxing experience – one where the good look and feel stays for days after the event.

Concierge Program:

For some of Calgary’s best hotels, their concierges can directly book clients into the Empire Room for a hot towel shave or haircut. It’s a guaranteed hit with visitors looking for a premium barbering experience. Real-time booking ensures there will be no availability issues once you refer your guest. And, the efficiency of this system gets your client booked and on their way without the need for you to play the middle on the phone.