Cuts and Shaves

Beard Trim

Once you get past the longest guard on your trimmers at home ,you need the steady hand of a barber to shape up the look, tame the stragglers, and keep the lip line smooth. $15

Guarded Shave Face & Head

Our fastest way to take it smooth for every bit of your hairs. $59

Straight Razor Shave… Face AND Head

Taking off all the hair up top and leaving you extremely relaxed. $89

Beard Trim & Straight Blade Lineup

Same as beard trim but with a precise edge from a straight blade to keep every hair in place and looking meticulously lined up. An OCD’s dream. $20

Guarded Shave

Speed up our one-of-a-kind shave using a guarded blade. Still all the pampering products, and towels, Just quicker to slide across the cheeks. $35

Straight Razor Shave… Face OR Head

A truly one of a kind experience that’s more than just taking off the hairs. Let our barbers give you a true gentleman’s experience with a straight razor shave that leaves your skin happy and completely relaxed. Pick up on some tips and tricks on how to shave at home, or book in some time with our team to teach you the Best Of Seven technique! $52

Men’s Cut

The perfect service if you want a straight up, simple, men’s cut. $33

Men’s Cut and Beard Trim

Keep every hair in place. Let our professionals make sure all your hairs are in order, to keep you looking your best. $48

Men’s Cut and Color Camo

Don’t just stop at the hair cut, take a few extra years off by blending the grays and avoid the hassle of permanent color. $70

Buzz Cut

Get it taken down as tight as you like, better then at home with all the edges squared off or tapered up. Fast convenient, or just the way nature intended it. $21

Buzz Cut and Beard Trim

Taking it all the way down to the fuzz while cleaning up your man beard. $35

Men’s Cut and Straight Razor Shave

Leave looking and feeling like a Million dollars with all your hair perfectly groomed. $83

Long Men’s Cut

Got the cut that fingers love to flow through? Let our barbers help you tame that mane. $33

Sides and Back

Quick, easy and flirty. Get the right edge by knocking down just the sides. $24

Buzz Fade

Faded from short to lengthier on top. Clippers used all the way around $24


Leave the strip down the middle as l. $24

Design Lines

Hair tattoos that truly express your unique sense of style. $40

Permanent Color

Long term color treatment to hide those grays or express your unique style. $50


Add in what you need , just where you need it. Get a unique look of whatever suits your style. Lighten up a section, or add in some dark. $10 per foil

Color Camo

Take a few years off with a semi permanent colour that blends out some of the greys without the maintenance of a permanent colour. $40


Lighten the hair or add depth.. Partial colouring technique lets you add in colours to create the exact look you need. $50

Relaxation Shampoo & Conditioning

Come in and unwind with a soothing shampoo and conditioning, hot towel and hair do to straighten out your day. $10

Shoe Shine

It’s Calgary. Enough said. $7

Boot Shine

Bring in your classics and have them shined up for the boardroom. $10

Bantam Cut (Under 12)

The up and coming cover of GQ gets his hair done here. $24

Junior Cut (12-16)

It’s never too early to bring swagger to the school yard. $26