For Individuals

So you bought yourself a straight blade…what the hell now?

Straight shaves are tremendously satisfying, once you know how to do them. Come to one of our classes and you’ll leave knowing about strops and stropping, strop products, shave products (what and why) and how to actually use that bloody sharp blade without hurting yourself.

Send us your name and we will let you know when the next one is!

For Industry

We’ve spent years building and refining the Best of Seven hot towel shave to rival any offering in the world. If you’re a barber or hair stylist we will guide you through face preparation, products and shaving method so you can bring your a-game to this service.

New Shops and Turnarounds

If you are considering a new barbershop (outside of Calgary obviously) we can provide you with a detailed package that sets out every process, agreement, and training tool that you will need to run a tight, successful shop. Geoff is principal of a law firm as well and has leaned on them to document everything to the highest standard. It took us years to develop – save that time and reach out.