We are now open and happy to be serving our clients again.

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For your consideration, we’re proud to introduce Tanya!

I looked back at photos of my younger school years and thought ‘who cut my hair?’ and it was my Mom. My super amazing Mom, apart from her regular nursing job, she thought she’d take the initiative to be a hairstylist to her family. I shake my head at the thought…. bad idea lol!

What I’ve taken from that is, the way you look impacts the way you feel ‘look good, feel good’. As a barber I may not improve someones health, but I can sure help someone look their best, increase their self confidence and attract opportunities.

Barbering is a unique experience. It allows me to interact with many interesting people over the course of a day. I hope to ensure clients look their best all the while enjoying conversation. When clients become regulars , it means I get to spend a good part of my day with people I enjoy.