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For your consideration, we’re proud to introduce Kyle!

Almost 30 years ago I was a struggling artist who needed to pay my rent. My mother suggested hairstyling / barbering. What started out as a “something to do” whim has become a grand career of pompadours and fades. While I am now a full time illustrator / artist, I can’t give up something I have truly learned to love, cutting people’s hair. See what I did there? You can have my scissors when you pry them from my cold dead fingers. Or whenever the carpal tunnel gets too bad, whichever comes first.

Personal Story: Oh I don’t know, something inspirational happened at one point. it involved drawing monsters in tutus, talking about classic noir movies, and giving a wicked looking rockabilly hairstyle. Maybe there was a goat…. or was it a water buffalo? I don’t remember that well. But the haircut was awesome.